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The Spine - a common cause of painOsteopaths treat people, diagnosing and treating the cause rather than just the symptoms themselves. Here are just a few of the many conditions that patients seek treatment for.

The Spine - a common cause of pain Affecting four out of five people at some time in their lives, backache (often referred to as Lumbago) is the most common complaint treated by osteopaths. In most cases, backache is caused by over-straining the structural components in the back. Most cases, whilst painful, are not serious if seen to promptly.

The Spine - a common cause of pain Headaches, neck and shoulder tension can be caused by stress or by activities such as sitting at a VDU all day, they normally respond well to osteopathic treatment.

The Spine - a common cause of painOsteopaths are often associated with treating back pain. However osteopaths can treat joint and muscle strain in any part of the body including the hips, legs, knees, ankles, feet, wrist, elbows, shoulders, arms and ribs. for example tennis elbow and frozen shoulder.

The Spine - a common cause of painOsteopathic treatment can benefit sports men and women at all levels. If you are eager to get back to your sport quickly after injury, or have a problem which is preventing you from performing at your best, osteopathic treatment can help you reach your peak level of fitness.

The Spine - a common cause of painResponsible for a great change in posture, pregnancy can cause back pain and discomfort. Many women find gentle osteopathic treatment can bring great relief.
We are experienced at treating mothers and babies for a whole range of symptoms from low backache to heartburn during pregnancy and problems of colic and poor feeding or sleeping in the infant. We use gentle and structural cranial techniques and offer advice on exercise and health. If you prefer to discuss if we can be of help then do please call.

The Spine - a common cause of painOsteopaths can help patients, particularly those whose movement has been affected by surgery.


The Spine - a common cause of painThis refers to irritation of the sciatic nerve that supplies the leg. However it is often used to describe any pain in the leg, whatever the cause, whether it is related to circulation, pain referred from a back injury, trauma or nerve irritation. The most common causes of sciatica can usually be successfully treated by an osteopath.

The Spine - a common cause of painNormal wear and tear of the joint surface can result in arthritis or osteoarthritis. This kind of damage is not to be confused with some cases of arthritis that are caused by a disease affecting the joint surface. Osteoarthritis is a normal process associated with ageing. Usually the symptoms do not start until much later in life, if at all, and normally lead to some restriction in movement of the joints, plus some muscular aches and pains often referred to as rheumatism. Osteopathic treatment cannot reverse the wear and tear of the joint surface, but in most cases, osteopaths can offer advice on other factors, such as lifestyle, which may help with long term relief from the symptoms associated with arthritis.

The Spine - a common cause of painAlso known as RSI, this condition is commonly associated with people who work with computer keyboards and mice for prolonged periods of time, but also includes injuries such as 'tennis elbow' and 'shin splints'. Osteopathic treatment can benefit these conditions, particularly when treated early.

Treatment Room - Click for a bigger pictureTo us, complimentary therapy does not mean replacing more orthodox treatments. We believe in working with conventional medicine to achieve the best results for our patients. If necessary you may be referred to a specialist or your GP for a second opinion. Other tests may also be necessary such as X-Rays.

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